Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Big Week!

We had a very exciting day yesterday! First one of our class mates arrived on a tank! This story made the front page of the Dominion post too. Then we went down to the hall and saw a show called Iron Brian. This was put on for us by the Beef and Lamb people and they even made us a Yummy burger when the show was over! Below are two slide shows to show you what we got up to yesterday. Also you can click the link to read the article about Caitlin and Connor in the paper.

Keep an eye out for posts on our Jump Rope for Heart tomorrow afternoon and for our visit to Harold on Thursday and Friday! Wow! What a week!
Room 5

Friday, 26 October 2007

Frog Week!

This week has been frog week. Last week we read a non-fiction book about Tadpoles. It was brilliant timing because it taught us some things about frogs! So for homework we had to design a frog tank. We got some information from a website. If you want to have a look, here is the link. NZ Frogs

Mrs Wells told us that it was frog week and that some frogs were endangered. She told us a story about her own frogs. 2 went in the dirt to hibernate, but only 1 came out. We learnt from that, that bigger frogs eat little frogs! Even if they are only a little bit different in size. So we reflected on this and thought that we must not have two different sized frogs in the same tank!

Bradley's Mum brought in their own frogs from home. There was a froglet, a tadpole and a frog! He had all the right stuff in the tank to keep them safe and happy! His mum even caught flies and a moth, to put in there for them to eat!

Here are some photos of the frog visit! And also some of our tank designs.

From room 5

Friday, 14 September 2007

Term 3 and Father's Day

Well we are coming to the close of term 3! Man this year is flying by fast. We have had a very busy term with production, but it all paid off this week with 3 amazing performances. There will be writing and pictures coming soon. We also made some lovely Father's Day cards using a cool site called bighugelabs.com. It was quite fun and I hear the Dad's loved them. Here are the pictures we made.

(If we have any shy Dad's out there I will happily remove the pictures of them - just let me know!)

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Term 3

Welcome back!

We are half way through the year now and we have all come back taller and smarter after our 2 week break. We have our brand new principal (who is ours now to keep for a while) and he is neat. (He even took us for a bit this afternoon!)

We have some new work for you to read (and comment on how cool it is) in the Children's work Post further down the page, or if you click in the May link down in the Organiser on the right hand side you will see the link.

We have production this term as well and Mrs Cox has had auditions and put up the cast list in the window at school and the whole student body is very excited! Even some of us wee guys have named parts for dancing, singing and acting! We will keep you posted on that.

Oh and of course we have moved!!!! Even though our blog is Alcove 4, we know get called Room 5! We have had an adventure last term! Our Junior Syndicate was bursting with gorgeous children so because we were the biggest and the bravest, we moved to a new block. We are still in the Kowhai Syndicate, but we have new neighbours from Nikau. They have made us very welcome and even invited us in to hear their work. (They are pretty clever really!)

From Room 5 & Miss Baines